The library is housed on the ground floor of the administration building. The seating capacity of the study room is about 200. The library serves the academic needs of about 500 UG and PG students and Faculty members , administrative staff of our institute. Besides that, services are extended to a number of other organizations as well. The library’s resources stand at about 3713 volumes, including books, periodicals, audio-video forms, and theses. The journal subscription goes beyond 94, while all journal subscriptions are available in print form as well as online form.

The library has been catering to the needs of undergraduates, postgraduate research scholars, faculty, and staff members of the 7 departments of our institute. The book collection has been supporting the teaching, research, development, and other professional activities of these departments. The demands of the ever-growing research areas in multiple disciplines are being catered to with the help of the latest volumes in almost all fields of engineering, science, technology, Management, and general areas.

The library has membership with NDL and DELNET in New Delhi for interlibrary loans, reference facilities, and document delivery services. The library provides study room facilities during normal and extended hours.

Library Timing:

Regular Library Timing :9.00 a.m To 4.30. p.m.

Reading Room Timing : 9.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

Reading Room Seating Capacity : 200

MBA/MCA Reading hall Seating Capacity:100

Staff Reading hall Seating Capacity:40

Library Committees

Sr. No. Name of Faculty/Staff Department Role
1 Dr. A. S. Patil Director Chairman
2 Mr. A.M.Bhosale Librarian Member Secretary
3 Mrs. Pooja C Waragade Electrical Member
4 Ms. Pallavi V Hatkar E & TC Member
5 Ms. Nasrin G Khan First Year Member
6 Dr. Snehal S Shinde MBA Member
7 Mr. Amit A Kadam MCA Member
8 Nupur V Deshmukh BCA Member ( UG Student)
9 Tanuja N Gurav First Year Member ( UG Student)
10 Omkar J Shinde MCA Member ( PG Student)
11 Siddhi N Patil MBA Member (PG Student)

Total Area : 828.94
Circulation, Reprographic, Periodical -37.17
Stack Room – 111.52
Librarian – 10.73
Reading hall: 226.76
MBA/MCA Reading hall: 222.76
Staff Reading hall: 200.00

Server Room : 10
Ladies Wash Room : 5
Gents Wash Room : 5

  • ▶ Current Awareness Services (CAS)
  • ▶ Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) to support research
  • ▶ Bibliographic and New Arrivals Services
  • ▶ Newspaper clipping
  • ▶ Print Journal Index email service
  • ▶ Library orientation program for students and staff
  • ▶ Technical sessions for students and staff
  • ▶ Interlibrary Loan (DELNET) to support research
  • ▶ Open access to the stack area for staff and students

  • ▶ Issue: Return
  • ▶ Scanning
  • ▶ Printing
  • ▶ Reprography
  • ▶ Reference services
  • ▶ OPAC
  • ▶ Reading Hall
  • ▶ Wi-Fi connectivity

  1. Library orientation program for students and staff
  2. Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Jayanti Celebrated on 26th Jun 2023
  3. Librarian’s Day Celebrated on 12th Aug 2023
  4. Teachers Day Celebrated on 5th Sept 2023
  5. Vachan prerna Din Celebrated on 15th Oct 2023
Library orientation program for students and staff

Teachers Day Celebrated on 5th Sept 2023

Vachan prerna Din Celebrated on 15th Oct 2023

Book Requirement Form

Mr. Akshaykumar Maruti Bhosale

  • Librarian
  • Qualification: M.A. M. Lib. & Inf.Sc
  • Job Profile: Head of Library
  • Contact No: 8007279010
  • Email: